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2013 exchange program with MMU launched



1.        Objectives
In order to internationalize the personnel training process, offer more chances to study abroad, and cultivate a multicultural atmosphere so as to form good academic exchange mechanism, and also good personnel training mechanism, we launched this program in 2008.
2.        Introduction and arrangement
MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) has a formal cooperative relationship with Wuhan University. Wuhan University has been sending students for exchange since 2009. According to the agreement, the program will last three month (one semester), those who pass the exam will have the credits and certifications, and a formal excuse for similar classes of Wuhan University.
3.        Requirements
The program is open to all MBA students. After the students’ voluntary application and the school’s selective recommendation, the final choice is up to MMU. Also, a full English interview is necessary.
4.        Fees
The program is tuition free, but MMUBS will charge some administration fees(2500 each) to cover three postgraduate classes, library registration and access permission, textbooks, reception, etc. Also, students have to pay their personal expenditures themselves, including travelling, food, accommodation, transportation, medicine, insurance, etc.
5.        Proceedings
1)        The program is scheduled to begin September, 2013.
2)        You have to submit your application before March 22, 2013, 5 PM. Please fill the attached forms (Worldwide Exchange Program Application, Study Abroad Program Application) and email them to mba_intl@whu.edu.cn. The fee will be 200 RMB for each student.
3)        Suggested admission list and Recommendation letter will be sent to MMU, who will provide the invitation letter, which is necessary for visa; and offer assistance on accommodation issues.
4)        MBA education centre will assist students who have received the invitation letter to get passport and visa.
5)        Students are required to get a quick acquaintance to the local environment so as to get a better exploitation of the program.
6)        The centre will raise a collective training on safety precaution, for students’ sake.
7)        Two or three student leaders will be selected, by students and the centre together, to take charge of organization, contacts, management, and also the coordination between MMUBS and the centre. Students are divided into groups for better study and management.
6.        Feedbacks about the exchange
It’s required that students, while studying abroad, stay in the group, keep close contact with the school, and after the program, report to the school with a detailed exchange summary.
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