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Notice for student selection of 2013 IMBA class



MBA education centre of Wuhan University, in line with the training targets and also the development of the English class, is now ready to recruit certain number of students, among Chinese and foreign students of grade 2013, fluent in English, equipped with international perspective and business management potential, to participate in the IMBAclass.
1. Targets and numbers
The selection is open to all 2013 pre-admitted MBA students. Since quality should always be the first concern, no more than 40 mainland students will be recruited.
2. Procedures and deadlines
April 26 - Those who are interested should hand in his or her application before 5 PM. May 3 – After examining all the application materials, the interview list will be available for public review.
May 18 - Site interview.
May 21 - Results for public review online.
3. Selection Process
1) Notice for application
We’ll put the notice of recruitment online and SMS those interested students to begin the application.
2) Application
Applicants should download and fill in the application form, hand it in to the MBA education centre in due time, attached with a motivation letter, and wait for MBA education centre’s audit.
Domestic and foreign students have different application forms.
The application letter, included in it personal situation, reason for the application, and also future career plan, should be written in English for about 500 words,
Contact email: mba_intl@whu.edu.cn
Office telephone number: 68752369
         3) Material auditing:
         The centre will audit all applicants’ materials after the deadline. Those who meet any of the requirements listed below are qualified for the application:
a)        Scored 60 or above in the MBA joint examination.
b)        Scored 80 or above in the English interview of “Qiushi” program.
c)        Passed CET 6
d)        Other original score sheets (IETLS, TOFTL, GMAT, BEC, and GRE) to prove your English capability.
e)        Have experiences working/studying abroad
4) Notice for the interview
Applicants who meet the first audit will have the notification online and SMS. If you can’t go to the site interview, due to reasons such as working abroad, please contact the centre in advance to determine the time for telephone interview.
5) Site interview
Please refer to Interview scheme of 2013 IMBA class, which will be published later, for details
Selection results for public review online
4. Delivery mode
IMBA class is to take a combined study mode of “weekends + module study”
The learning period of the IMBA class will be two and a half years. Refer to the attachment for detailed scheme.
5. Qualified teachers
All courses will be given in English, with excellent professors hired from all over the world.
6. Other notes
1)        Students from the IMBA class will be the prior consideration for MBA international exchange programs.
2)        Total cost for the English class will be 100,000 RMB, payoff in first two years. Oversea exchanges are tuition free, or subsided by scholarship according to the demands of oversea universities. Bank of communications and China CITIC bank provides tuition loan services to the MBA students of Wuhan University.
3)        Generally, students from the IMBA class are not allowed to drop out, but if you do have special reasons, report to the centre for examination one semester ahead. Students with other studying schedules are not allowed to audit in the IMBA class.
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