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Announcement about Selection of Students for 2011 MBA English Experimental Class


    In order to cultivate MBA students with global mindset and good communication and management skills in English, Wuhan University now selects students of MBA English Experimental Class to all the students that will be enrolled in 2011 fall semester.

a) Target Student:
Domestic and international students that are admitted in Wuhan University MBA program in the fall semester, 2011.

b) Selection Procedure:
April 6th – April 15th: Hand in application form and resume
April 15th – April 19th: Selection of resume
April 23th: Interview
April 25th: Announce the result of the selection on the website
Application form is in the appendix. Applicants please send the application form and resume to mbaconference@126.com.

c) Requirements for the Applicants: Refer to the requirements on website of College of Foreign Students Education, Wuhan University.

    Prefer Score in test: IELTS 6.5; TOFEL 105; GMAT 590 and above

d) Mode of Learning:
The mode of learning is a combination of Weekend and Module (two weekends or two nights plus one weekend), curriculum is in the appendix. Any kind of audition is not accepted in the experimental class. Students of experimental class are not allowed to drop out of class before graduation.

e) Qualified Teachers:
Teachers of experimental class are selected throughout the world.

f) Other Notification:
1. Students of experimental class have high priority to be selected as MBA international exchange students;
2. Tuition of experimental class is 70,000 RMB (slight fluctuation is possible). Students are responsible for other expenses.
                                                                                    MBA Education Center of Wuhan University
                                                                                                                                           April 6, 2011

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