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Forever Young



June 2, Suzhou MBA 2012 students organized a series of activities, to enrich the students’ campus life, and more importantly, to celebrate the one hundred and twentieth anniversary of Wuhan University.
Nine in the morning, all students appeared in the classroom, suited up with the red scarf, uniform for preliminary students. They attended a special lecture given by Professor Yu Yangtao from Wuhan University. The lecture was named Artistry in Coordination, and was about the methods of solving contradictions in management. The humorous tongue and plain words had won Professor Yu waves of applauds.
After the lecture, all students took a picture together; and since it happened to be the Children’s Day, the picture was also dedicated to such a festival, which had long eclipsed from our mind and spirit. When having lunch, naturally the students talked about the topic of the time: So Young, a native movie which seemed to suit everyone who considered himself once young, or more properly, once naïve. The personalities, value orientations, and relationships of the protagonists were all enthusiastically discussed.
The afternoon was the usual entertainment: all students went to Karaoke. Some songs popular when we were young sung, and memories of the time long gone haunting, all fell into the mood of nostalgia. And after that, a basketball game was organized, and the competition was between WHU MBA and Tongji MBA students. The fact that both team were no longer young and impotent for such a game made it nothing like a competition, but purely social activity.
And at last, the day ended, the activities attended, the pleasure well enjoyed, and the glory of Wuhan University was, for sure, witnessed.
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