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Serial Lecture #4, Industry Development Frontier: Venturing in China, A Returnee¡¯s Feedback



    June 6, in the evening, a lecture, named “Venturing In China£¬A returnee’s Feedback”, given by CEO of Transvalue Technology Inc, was held in B127 of Economic and Management School. The lecture focused on three main issues: the business environment difference between China and U.S., whether studying as MBA helps in real world business, and returnee’s choice of venturing in china. Since all three were widely concerned among MBA students, the lecture turned out to be a really popular one.
    MR. Tang started his lecture with a Tibet monks story: how to keep an egg intact, dropping it from three feet high? He went straight back to his starting point in venturing, talked about how to build up a team, how to get investment, how to motivate the team, and which more important, team executive or individual ability, and some other problems that you might face up when beginning a new enterprise.
    All MBA students were concerned about whether what they had learned in school might turn out to be of any use in the future. Quoting Dr. David Herolds the influence of change, using a textbook model as example, Mr. Tang explained some practical problems using the model in the real world, and where the problem might be heading, so as to make the difficulty clear, and also the faith affirmed. This was considered even more valuable than many textbook theories, and certainly was going to change some students future career path.
    Mr. Tang ended his lecture with the answer to his previous question. The egg will be broken anyway, so never should you worry about that, rather, fellow your heart and try to enjoy the process, and you might have the chance to make it colorful. This is a fundamental problem that all entrepreneurs should figure out at first place.
    Born in Wuhan, received a computer science master in Central Michigan University, MBA in Georgia Institute of Technology, and won Technical Excellence Award when working in Agilysys Inc., the fifth electronic and computing equipment company, Mr. Tang started Transvalue Technology Inc. in July, 2008, in the U.S.
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