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MBA Students Paid Visit to Low-rent Housing Sufferings



June 4, in the afternoon, under the leadership of Ms. Li Xinxin, staff from MBA education centre, 2012 MBA Wuhan Class 1 students paid a visit to the sufferings from Wen Ben Yuan, a community crowded with low-rent housings. A fund was found, and some families with particular shortage were well attended.
This donation was quite of some special flavors. The sufferings firstly spoke out their family dreams, then posted them on the so called dream wall, and the philanthropists would unveil the dreams, and make sure them realized.
Thirty dreams from thirty different families were posted on the wall, and four of them were unveiled. Li Yuanfa, eighty years old, no offspring, no spouse, a typical left-over, had been living alone for decades; even with his guarantee pension and cooking capability, still led a rather tough life because of his physical condition: he coughed awfully whenever there was smoke around. A ventilator was badly needed. Sixty-eight-year-old Wang Zhiqi shared the same hardness with him. Another case, He Jianjun, forty five years old, blind, lonely, unmarried, living on guarantee pension, wanted a refrigerator so he wouldnt need to eat spoiled food. And Zhu Dayou, a widow, of no offspring, no household appliance, no money to keep a decent life, expected nothing but a small telly to easy his miserable life.
Such an activity might well be a mental baptism for all students. As a MBA student from Wuhan University, its not only management knowledge and techniques that were necessary, but also great sense of social responsibility, thus spoke Ms. Li Xinxin. “I heartedly hope that more and more MBA students would participate in such public service activities!”
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