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On 16th September, 2010, EMS had a faculty of 391. The school¡¯s MBA programme has a faculty of 93, among whom 76 teachers hold doctoral degrees and 11 teachers have masters degrees. There are 38 professors and 45 associate professors, 90.22% of the MBA teachers have senior posts.

School considers the following criteria in selecting MBA teachers: enterprise consultancy or horizontal projects, doctoral degree, courses taught before and social positions. These criteria are designed to ensure that the MBA teaching teams satisfy the teaching requirements of the MBA programmes.

Our MBA teachers know that they must also be at the frontier of professional knowledge, so they have the latest understanding of business practices through their recent experiences of management and consultancy services, ,which they can connect with their teaching with practice and theory, and their own discipline within other MBA courses.

Chen Wenbo

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.

Zhou Yarong

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.

Zhao Qiwei

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.

Yu Minggui


Pan Hongbo

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.

Ouyang Dianping


Ma Ying


Liu Yan

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.

Ke Dan

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.

Guo Lin

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.

Gong Hong

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºCorporate Governance

Gao Baojun

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºSimulation of Management System and Social Economic System£¬Computational Finance£¬Information System

Du Jing

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºHuman Resource Management£¬Organizational Behavior

Cui Nan

Associate Professor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºConsumer Behavior£¬Organizational marketing£¬Network Marketing

Chen Jiyong

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºAmerican economy, International trade and investment, WTO research,International trade theory and policy

Hu Lingyan


Cheng Dening

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas: Economic Development and Reforming of China

Guan Peilan

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor
Main Research Areas£ºHuman Resource Management£»Female Resource Development

Gui Guoping

Main Research Areas£ºBusiness English, Negotiation in English, International Project Management

Hai Feng

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºDivision Logistics, Logistics Management

Han Guowen

Main Research Areas£ºFinancial market, Financial innovation, Risk management

He Guohua

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºMacroeconomics, International Financing

Hu Changsheng

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºSecurities Investment, Behavior Finance

Hu Zhiqiang

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºEvaluation of Financial Project Assets

Huang Jing

Professor£¬Doctoral Advisor£¬Ph.D.
Main Research Areas£ºMarketing£¬Corporate Culture

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